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Dordogne house for sale

This page will offers you properties for sale in Dordogne and Charente in the area of Montagrier, Verteillac, Sgonzac, Allemans, Neuvic, Bourdeilles, Pillac, Aubeterre sur Dronne, Douchapt, Saint Astier.... and others.

This page offers properties in the area of VANXAINS (between 0 and 30 miles) or you can see our different sections of property in AQUITAINE by clicking on the panel at the bottom of the page.

All the £ price of our French property on our website is calculated with an exchange rate of 1 pound = 1.1295223250087538 Euros. If you have difficulty in location any of the area name, please use the following link : (do not forget to write the name of the area and France => example : Burcy France)

E-mail: Tel: 02392 297411 Mobile: 07951 542875. Please read our disclaimer carefully. If you want to print a property, click on the picture and then print from that page. To view more properties select the page number below.

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To view more properties select the page number below.

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