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HORPS2531 Ref : HORPS2531

LE HORPS Mayenne

50,000 Euros

(approx. £42,105)

Detached stone and slate buildings(135 sqm), lies in the countryside in a peaceful setting, in the area of Chantrigne, with a land area of 6.37 acres(25 787 sqm). No water and electricity, no septic tank, full renovation needed for the roofs, full renovation project required for the insides. No factory or busy road close by, the closest neighbour is 500 meters away from the house, you can't see it from the house. The closest shops are 10 minutes dive away. There is a right of way in front of the house for someone to access his plot of land. The big hangar on one of the pictures does not belong to the sale.

To renovate

1st building :

Comprising of : a room(35.5 sqm).

2nd building :

Comprising of : a room(30 sqm).

3rd building :

Comprising of : a room(30 sqm).

4th building :

Comprising of : a room(30 sqm).

5th building :

Comprising of : a room(10.7 sqm).